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The Full Story

Mamoudou Condé has had a lifelong interest in the arts. Born in Siguiri, Guinea, his love of the arts was

sparked at a very young age, after taking part in “La Nuit de L'école Guinéenne”, a country wide cultural
event organized by President Ahmed Sékou Touré.
As he became aware of the work of his relative, Keita Fodeba, founder of the world renowned dance
company Les Ballets Africains, Condé understood that his future would revolve around the arts; visual,
musical, dance and drama, and furthered his studies in drama in Rome, Italy, where he supported
himself as a carver. Condé traveled to the United States in the mid-1980’s.
Still drawn to the traditional musical arts of his birth country, Mamoudou Condé created World Music
Productions in 1994. The organization preserves, spreads, and promotes African culture using arts as a
communicative vehicle: through technology, live performances, films, the Internet, radio and television,
the traditional and contemporary heritage of African history, dance and music is shared with the entire
In 1998, Condé received the endorsement of Bailo Tellivel Diallo, National Director of Culture of Guinea,
to become the Managing Director and Producer of the country’s National dance and music ensembles
Les Percussions De Guinée, Les Ballets Africains and Ballet National Djoliba. That same year,
Mamoudou Condé broke a taboo and made history when he created NIMBAYA! (Formerly known as
Amazones Women Master Drummers), the first women percussion group in Africa to perform on
traditional instruments, historically reserved to male players only.
World Music Productions has toured Les Ballets Africains, Les Percussions de Guinée, Le Ballet
National Djoliba, Legends of West Africa and NIMBAYA! (Formerly known as Amazones Women Master
Drummers), as well as several solo artists to Europe, Australia, Asia, North America, Dubai, Africa and
the Caribbean.
In addition to performances in major theaters and festivals, Mamoudou Condé has worked with tens of
thousands of children in schools accross the United States and abroad, sharing with them the beauty of
Africa’s rich cultural heritage. Condé’s dedication to the preservation of the musical traditions of Africa
has earned him respect worldwide. Notably, in 2003, the City of San Francisco honored Mr. Condé, and
in 2004 he received the International Cultural Treasury Award from the City of Los Angeles.
Mamoudou Conde’s work is a reflection of his deep love and respect for the people of Africa and the
region’s rich cultural history. He says, “ I want to build a bridge that will connect the culture of Africa with
the rest of the world, so that all people can benefit from the knowledge of our planet’s oldest civilization.
It will bring a message of peace and unity through music".
Awards Received by Mamoudou Conde
- 1994 Award by The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, for professional achievement and
commitment to the Rochester community, for dedication and support of the arts, and for serving as a role
model to a younger generation.
- November 2002 : Mamoudou Conde, receive a gold medal from the Mayor of St-Denis at the 11th
Festival International de Percussions de l’Ile de la Réunion (France) for Les Percussions de Guinee.
- in 2002 appeared in behind the scene of the IMAX Film, Pulse a Stomp Odyssey.
- In February 2003, Mamoudou Conde appeared on CNN’s Inside Africa;
- February 25, 2003 Certificate of Honor from Mayor Willie Lewis Brown, Jr. of the City of San Francisco.
- February 25, 2003, Proclamation from the City of San Francisco, signed by Mayor Willie Lewis Brown
Jr., to make February 25th “Guinée Day” in San Francisco.
- February 25, 2003, Certificate of Honor from the Board of Supervisors of the City of San Francisco,
signed by Supervisor Sophia Maxwell and member of the Board of Supervisors of the City of San
Francisco, California.
- February 28, 2003, Certificate of Recognition from California Senator John L. Burton.

- January 16, 2004, International Cultural Treasury Award by Mayor James K. Hahn of the City of Los
Angeles, State of California.
- In January 2004, Mamoudou Conde was invited by the Mayor James K. Hahn of the City of Los
Angeles, along with Ray Charles and Arthur Mitchell, as guests for the kick-off LA 2004 Celebration.
- February 12, 2004, Certificate of Appreciation by Bernard C. Parks, City Council Member 8th District
from the City of Los Angeles.
- In March 2004, Conde appeared on PBS’ Arts Express with les Ballets Africains in Burlington, VT.
- In March of 2012, Mamoudou appeared on Black Entertainment Televion (BET) International in
Washington DC.
My mission, Is to continue to fight for a social justice and preserve, promote and spread Africa's rich
cultural legacy through music, drums, dance and storytelling. Younger generations, whether in Africa or
elsewhere in the world, will truly learn and benefit from the values of discipline, courage, determination,
respect, teamwork and humanity needed to become the best of the best, not only as a traditional
drummer/dancer but in all areas of life, by connecting the culture of Africa with the rest of the world.

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